“You always come back to what you love”

Hold your line!


I’m bursting with excitement writing my first blog as the Editor of Global Golfer, a brand new internet golf travel magazine

I had an idea seven years ago.

I would publish a golf magazine on the internet for people who shared a passion for travelling the world and playing golf.

Writing prose that captures the majestic thud of steel on ball and turf is different to writing HTML code, or knowing your Java from your JQuery.

In 2004, I didn’t get far.

I bought a domain name, hired a designer to build the site and got around 45% of the way there.

Life got in the way, a busy new job took up my time, Global Golfer simply drifted around in cyberspace, unwanted, unloved and unfinished.

I have heard wiser people than me say that in life “you always come back to the things you love.”

With that in mind, I’m here tapping away at the first of what I hope are many blogs for readers and the GG community.

The Ten Commandments were written on a tablet.

Now, you can publish an entire website from one in an afternoon.

The world has changed, for better or for worse, but in this new digital age there is a lot of sharing going on.

I’d like to share my stories with you from my travels as a golf journalist.

Read on, from white knuckle rides in a Sri Lankan Tuk-Tuk to the rich velvety glug of a Guinness, savoured after playing Tralee in 80mph Irish winds.

I’m lucky enough to be able to call myself a Global Golfer and I’ve created a community for others who share a fascination with playing this great game across the globe.

This wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional generosity of a creative artist and web developer from Durham named Carlo. To you, I will always be indebted. Thank You.

Enjoy and play well!

Golf Son Gual Mallorca - photo Azalea

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