How to be theft aware with Golfplan

In the latest in our How to Series, golf insurance specialists Golfplan offer their top tips for how to protect yourself from thieves targeting expensive golf equipment

Over the past months you may have noticed several high-profile news items concerning the theft of trophies from golf clubs, which seem to have become the latest target for thieves to sell for scrap. But closer to home, Golfplan International Golf Insurance warns that we all need to be aware that golf clubs and golfing equipment can also prove very attractive to thieves.

bag of golf clubs
Golf equipment is expensive – make sure you are insured against theft or accidental damage says Golfplan

With theft from cars being high on the list, Golfplan offers the following practical advice to help protect your valuable equipment whilst you’re out and about:

  • When leaving your car with equipment inside – hide it all away! Even a golf ball left on the seat could alert a thief to wonder what might be in the boot
  • For the same reason, avoid putting stickers on your windscreen advertising that you love golf or belong to such and such club
  • Try to park in a well lit area
  • Don’t leave your golf clubs etc in the boot overnight unless you absolutely can’t avoid it

Even when you’re at the golf club, there are sensible precautions to be made:

  • Don’t leave your golf clubs unattended, not even for a few minutes outside the clubhouse while you have a quick drink
  • Don’t leave expensive equipment or clothing in the locker or drying room
  • If you see any obvious non-golfers, particularly if they’re acting suspiciously such as hanging around the car park, mention it to an official.  They may be innocent but better safe than sorry!

Late last year, Kent police released pictures of 2 men who’d simply picked up a set of golf clubs (and a stepladder) from a communal area and walked brazenly away down the street with them.  Sounds almost laughable but it happens; don’t take that chance – instead take care.

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