Truth & Rumors: Donald Trump boycotting Glenfiddich over award given to opponent

I was browsing away today when I came across yet another jaw dropping twist in the Donald Trump saga.

You know the one about the Scottish golf course love affair turns spiteful wrankle with unruly locals, and, later sees wicked wind farms and spat with Alex Salmond scupper proposed multi-million investment in new hotel and jobs?

Well, the latest twist  now leads the billionaire tycoon to boycott one of the most famous Scottish Whisky brands in the world.

Sports Illustrated’s carried a great blog post about this new Trump tirade, read it here:

Truth & Rumors: Donald Trump boycotting Glenfiddich over award given to opponent.

It all comes down to one man, Michael Forbes, and his Scottishness.

Mr.Forbes is the leather faced Salmon fisherman whom Donald Trump clashed with because he owned a house too close to the site of the new Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen.

Trump threatens to scrap Scottish Links project

The 13th hole at Trump Golf Links (photo Donald Trump J.R via Twitter)

Forbes refused to move, Trump got angry and called his house a “pigsty,” and, according to film makers and journalists – especially former BBC Man Alistair Baxter – tried to bully Mr. Forbes off his land.

When the Scottish public recently voted for the winner of the Spirit of Scotland Awards, sponsored by who else – Glenfiddich (William Grant & Sons) they chose…..drum-roll….Mr. Michael Forbes.

This decision has been met with a huge Trump, sorry Twitter rant by Donald, who blasted Glenfiddich as the “bad liquer company” and asked why they ignored Andy Murray, winner of Tennis’ U.S Open or even multi-multi gold medal winning cyclist Sir Chris Hoy.

The thing is, the awards were polled to the Scots public with the help of the Scotsman newspaper, and they aren’t about to start fixing the results because it doesn’t go down well with a foreign investor.

And the other thing is, that if I know anything about being Scottish – and I lived there for four years – they don’t like being pushed around and told what to do, especially not by the English, and being American with Scots ancestry counts for little either.

Scots are fierce, proud, and some like to be independent, others like a good old union, but they always come down on the side of “the wee mon,” – the underdog – because historically that is what they have always been; just listen to the words of “Flower of Scotland.”

I ask you Mr. Trump – have you not seen Braveheart? The English tried to take William Wallace’s girl and all hell broke loose.

It’s no wonder the public backed the hard-working, salt riddled long suffering Scot against the hay haired sharp suited American money man.

Time for a wee dram methinks!


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