Trump threat to scrap Scottish Golf Links

Donald Trump has threatened to stop construction at Trump International Golf Links off the coast of Aberdeen over a row about off-shore wind farms.

The business tycoon has already seen off the protests of a Scottish farmer and environmentalists in his bid to create what he has described as “the greatest golf course ever built,” in the North East of Scotland.

Winds of change blow through Trump Golf Links
Trump has now entered into a war of words with the Scottish government and major renewable energy companies over plans to build off-shore wind farms around two kilometres from his new course.

Trump threatens to scrap Scottish Links project
The 13th hole at Trump Golf Links takes shape photo credit D Trump Jr Twitpic

Authorities “hell-bent on destroying coastline” blasts Trump
In a radio interview with BBC News he accused Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond of being “hell-bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline.”

The development, which was set to open this summer, is expected to be the biggest and most expensive in the UK at the present time with a links golf course, golf academy, hotel and residential community under construction.

Trump has set aside a large sum of money for a campaign to fight the wind farm project and has publicly stated that he is doing this “for Scotland.”

His decision and threat to cancel the development leaves the Scottish government in a no-win situation.

If they build the wind farm they stand to lose his investment in the resort, the jobs created and the tourism spend it would generate in that region of Scotland which is traditionally dependent on the oil industry.

Winds of change blowing strong at Trump Golf Links

The proposal is to build 11 next generation wind turbines off the coast in full view of the golf course.

It is being positioned as a pilot scheme for future wind farms off the coast of Scotland, an area considered fertile ground for renewable energy production.

Government in no-win situation
The question remains if the government backs down and the wind farms are built elsewhere away from the view of Trump Golf Links, would the tycoon abandon his fight against the turbines and leave Scotland to decide what to do with the appearance of its coastline?

Many questions remain unanswered and the epic story of one man’s desire to build the world’s greatest golf course rumbles on.

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