ProQuip introduce first-ever golf base layers

The days of wearing a woolly jumper and a turtle neck to play golf in cold weather are long gone – as is the era of corduroy as the trouser of choice for most British and Irish golfers in winter.

Today’s golf clothing is about as high-tech as drivers with adjustable shafts and a choice of lofts and a fade or draw bias.

ProQuip, one of the last remaining specialists in the golf weatherwear niche, has released its first-ever performance base layers for 2013 making it easier to control how hot or cold you are, and most importantly make sure you don’t get a chill from sweat and air that can’t escape from next to the skin.

Here’s what the Scottish company has to say about its new base layer tops, which are suitable for men and women (men’s sizes apply).

“The ProQuip Base 360 top is available in white, navy and black and is designed to function like a second skin, wicking excess moisture away from the body and enabling the golfer’s temperature to regulate itself by allowing air to move through the highly breathable fabric.

The tops have an ergonomic low mock turtle collar and four way stretch properties enabling a snug and comfortable fit. The stretch fabric gently compresses the golfer’s muscles enabling increased blood flow and oxygen circulation so that tired muscles can recover more quickly during a round.

ProQuip Golf base layers
ProQuip Golf launch first-ever performance base layers for golf

The base layers are quick drying and embroiderable, enabling retailers to personalise the garment with club or corporate cresting. ProQuip operates a fast and reliable club and corporate cresting service.

The base layers are unisex garments, suitable for both men and women, and are sold in men’s standard sizes, small to XXL.”

If you want a vote of confidence about ProQuip products, they are the preferred supplier to the 2014 European Ryder Cup Team and have been outfitting Ryder Cup teams with waterproofs for over 31 years, starting with Jack Nicklaus’ American team in 1983.

For more information, visit:

R.R.P  £35
White/ Navy/ Black




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  1. Perhaps the writer of this might declare an interest in this article? Or is this not part of the site that declares itself an “independent magazine” and one where readers can “know that it’s written without a commercial objective”?

    Not only a conflict of interest, but a breach of basic ethics of journalism in one go.

    The writer may wish to rethink calling themselves a journalist if they aren’t willing to abide by the moral responsibilities that come with the job. It does the rest of us no favours.

    • Hi Bobby,

      Thanks for commenting on the article and raising your query about its objectivity.

      I’m happy to say that I work with a number of golf companies helping with communications and ProQuip is one of them. I have to do this to pay my bills and make a living.

      I’d point out that there is just one article about ProQuip on Global Golfer, and several about Sunderland, Glenmuir, Ping and FootJoy – all direct competitors to ProQuip. That wouldn’t seem to me to be a breach of the ethics of journalism, or an abuse of our readers’ trust, given the amount of content dedicated to destinations and the amount given over to clothing.

      PR is legitimate news and if you are a journalist too, as you infer, then you’ll know that journalists do rely on comms and PR people to issue news and stories about companies, products, places and people, so they can fill papers and magazines.

      Anything sent to Global Golfer goes through editorial review and we decide whether it’s of interest to our readers and if it isn’t we’d like our readers to tell us what they think.

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