How to improve your golf game off-course

How to improve your golf game off-course

We all find ourselves day dreaming about the next time we are going to tee it up, or better still the next time we’ll take a golf trip or holiday with friends.

Unless you are a professional golfer, a harsh reality is you have to work for a living, get little time to practice and have a lot of other commitments that keep you away from the golf course.

Our friends at Punchbowl Golf School U.S.A, an innovative new golf school that takes the lesson tee to the golfer – whether that’s at home or in a local park – have offered up five great tips for how you can improve your golf game when you are away from the course.

Colin from Punchbowl Golf, says:

“I often find myself thinking about golf 24/7. I think golf at work, at home, and while sleeping.

Reality means we can’t spend all day at the golf course. The truth is you can improve your game even when you’re not on the course. Dream your way into a better golf game by focusing on these five things.”


5 top golf tips
Punchbowl Golf has 5-top tips for working on your golf game off course

1. Think about your golf stance

More golfers need to take their stance and posture seriously. Focus on spreading your feet, shoulders-width apart, flex your knees and then relax into an athletic ready to hit posture. It can also help to flare your left foot 30 degrees open to allow the left hip to turn through on the downswing more easily.

Visualize finding the right stance, good posture, and relaxation to help improve your swing. Thinking about stance will help it come more naturally. A good posture and stance can help eliminate errors in the swing caused by not setting up to the ball properly.

2. Focus on Timing in the golf swing

You need rhythm to become a better golfer. The timing of your putts and swings are just as important as your swing plane or mechanics. A brisk or hurried swing can cause you to lose balance and alter your spine angle through the impact area. Be aware that poor rhythm impacts everything and makes it harder to make a solid strike and balanced swing.

You can count in your mind and get a steady beat as you practice your back and down swings.

3. Visualize the perfect score

We’ve all heard the famous quote, “Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

The same is true for golf. Think about playing a great game and how it feels leaving the course. Don’t just think about the score. It is better to think about every hole, how your swing feels when you are playing great and how your mind is behaving during a good round.

Let that good feeling soak in. Let it inspire you and raise your confidence.

A big part of golf is getting your mind in order.

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4. Think about changing your friends

Stop playing with unmotivated golfers or golfers that aren’t helping you to improve, or worse want to see you fail.

Partners that continually play worse than you don’t help your progress. You are who you hang out with.

Find a mentor and friends who score better. Follow them, study them, and copy them. It will push your golf game to new levels.

5. Reflect on your best days

We all have our good days and bad days. Take time each day to reflect on the day you hit your first hole in one, or had a great day on the golf links.

Remember how you felt.

Take that feeling and let it inspire you. We have all had that day where we felt we were on a ‘winning streak.’ It wasn’t luck. It was because our mind was clear and confident.

Immerse yourself completely into the realizations of your golf dreams and persist through disappointment.

Feeling good is the first step to playing your best golf. Focus on positivity and it will help further your golf game.

These tips have been brought to us by Punchbowl Golf Lessons.

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